Too lovely!

22 Nov 2012

We did have a fabulous Thanksgiving day with champagne, collaborative cooking and a surprise side dish of delicious, smokey Persian eggplant.

I sang, the poet read and the performance artist played a haunting tune on the harmonica.  We had pumpkin pie, black coffee and then made ourselves cozy by the fireplace with a little bit of Apricot kernel liqueur.

And the following day there were leftovers and dancing.


19 Nov 2012

escarole and frisee with persimmons, pomegranate seeds and almonds with balsamic vinaigrette

chanterelle and black trumpet mushroom ragout with fennel and Marsala


Parmigiano Reggiano on the table

sautéed rapini with garlic and hot pepper

For the gathering

12 Nov 2012

sliced watermelon radishes with black pepper and oil, olives marinated with coriander and lemon

spiced pumpkin soup with yogurt and lime

Mexican lamb meatballs with spicy chili puree and a kale toast

last of the summer squash a l a Nely

summer squash simmered in tomatillo salsa verde

pumpkin seed lace cookies and Green and Black chocolate