The good life

30 Oct 2012

halibut a la plancha with tapenade, green beans, little potatoes and watercress

make-your-own ice cream sundaes


Eggs and rice

29 Oct 2012

a fried duck egg with crispy onions, caraway rice, roasted cauliflower and mixed greens sautéed with garlic and ginger

lentil puree, saffron pepper coulis and yogurt

store bought popsicles

Lunch = soup + salad.

photo by YaYa Chou

26 Oct 2012

curried lentil, kale and potato soup with coconut milk and fenugreek

yogurt, pappadum, limes




Nothing but hugs (for this meal)

25 Oct 2012

roasted almonds with sage and fleur de sel, avocado toasts with chives

lettuces and radishes with anise hyssop and mint from the garden

braised chuck with roasted cabbage, parsnips, carrots and caper salsa verde

a tisane of lemon verbena from the garden with honey from Montalvo bees

persimmons and barhi dates


So many boiled shrimp for YaYa Chou!

24 Oct 2012

beer boiled shrimp with lemon mayonnaise and Tapatio hot sauce

little gem lettuces, baby potatoes, green beans, beets and radishes

Asian pears

chocolate with almonds

Casual Tuesday

23 Oct 2012

make-your-own bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with spicy mayonnaise and cornichon and Tapatio hot sauce

spinach salad with feta, red onion and pine nuts

potato chips


18 Oct 2012

chicken and ricotta meatballs with mushrooms and Marsala gravy

mashed potatoes with chives

sautéed rapini with garlic and hot pepper

Eden’s lettuces with radishes and torpedo onion vinaigrette

Con cuore

16 October 2012

speck, salami, pickled summer squash and marinated olives

roasted butternut squash with fennel, cumin, lemon and bay

roasted peppers with garlic and parsley

long cooked green beans with garlic and hot pepper

Manila clams from the wood oven with fennel, herbs, aioli and Acme herb slab toasts

Falling for Fall

15 Oct 2012

pumpkin soup with a Gruyere, roasted red onion and chestnut crouton

Eden’s lettuces with tarragon and radishes

bellflower apples


Ham, cheese and then some…

12 Oct 2012

prosciutto with caper berries and pickled summer squash

roasted eggplant and romano bean salad with spring onions

Fontina macaroni and cheese

Eden’s lettuces

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