And the eye hungers for color.

Artists in Residence: YaYa Chou, Andrea Clearfield and Ruth Boerefijn

28 Sept 2012

pumpkin and parsnip hummus with sumac and za’atar, beets with yogurt and scallions, oily greens with black olives and paprika

toasted Acme herb slab and crackers

spinach with jalapeno, cilantro and black mustard seeds

roasted cauliflower Romanesco with piquin chile, coriander and sesame seeds

Eden’s cucumbers and tomatoes with red onion, feta and cumin vinaigrette


To the shell bean, I raise my glass.

27 Sept 2012

tongue of fire shell beans, cabbage and artichokes with rosemary, piquin chile oil and Parmigiano Reggiano

buckwheat polenta

zucchini, red onion and little tomatoes a la plancha with marjoram

Eden’s lettuces

Ode to a strange herb


26 Sept 2012

slow baked Coho salmon and summer squash a la plancha with papalo, roasted scallions and Bearss lime

papalo is an extremely pungent herb related to cilantro

tiny Bintje potatoes with coriander seed and Maldon salt

butter lettuce with cream, chives and anise hyssop

On the cusp

Soup drawing by YaYa Chou

25 Sept 2012

soup of winter squash from the garden with red pepper puree

avocado and egg toasts with scallions and paprika mayonnaise

red dandelion and radicchio salad with pancetta and roasted cipollini onions



Happy Birthday, Daniel Canogar!

Photo by Daniel Canogar

A birthday dinner “in Fez” for Daniel Canogar

24 September 2012

a platter of couscous with chicken cloaked in honey, almonds, raisins, onions, cinnamon and saffron

chard, chard stems and kale with cilantro, garlic, ginger and jalapeño

beet, garden tomato and parsley leaf salad with cumin and paprika

Making the take-out, part deux

21 Sept 2012

Thai red curry with pumpkin and lemongrass from the garden, peppers, green beans and basil

jasmine rice

Eden’s lettuces with peanuts, cucumbers, tomato, anise hyssop and fish sauce vinaigrette

And the night asked for soup.

20 Sept 2012

overnight posole with smoked ham shank

avocado, cabbage, radishes, onion, tortilla chips, lime wedges and hot sauce

Eden’s lettuces

Pasta a mano

19 Sept 2012

handmade noodles with tomato confit, purple basil and garlic

roasted eggplant from the garden with green beans, hot pepper and mint

Eden’s cucumbers with anise hyssop and nasturtiums



Short and sweet

18 Sept 2012

spicy, grilled chicken breast with wedges of lemon

roasted fennel

sliced tomatoes with chives, nasturtiums, nasturtium leaves and fleur de sel

Eden’s lettuces with radishes and mint

thick yogurt with raspberries and buckwheat honey

Time for a little R&R

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