Double yes!

30 Aug 2012

wood oven roasted sand dabs

pickled summer chanterelles and green beans

chickpea flour fritters with saffron pepper puree

beets with yogurt and cumin

Eden’s cucumbers with chives, dill and mint

Special thanks to Jessica Theroux for delicious salads and delightful conversation


Eating color

28 Aug 2012

moong dal soup with fenugreek, lemon and ghee

fried eggs with cilantro, saffron pepper puree and cauliflower roasted with Indian spices

sautéed green beans with garlic and black mustard seeds

carrot and cilantro raita, pappadum

Casual Friday

Nelly Ben Hayoun carries the cookies to the table.

24 Aug 2012

three levain toasts:

prosciutto and roasted fig, fresh mozzarella with spicy pepper puree, liver

celery and farro soup with Parmigiano Reggiano and black pepper

black coffee and salted mesquite flour chocolate chip cookies