March & July: a look at the garden


4 thoughts on “March & July: a look at the garden

  1. looking very cheery there on those tiers ~ i miss walking out and seeing the garden every morning! i’ll have to figure out a workday in august sometime…

  2. Dear Niki. Hello. Strange question….you took a picture of yourself holding some fruit in a basket. I printed it and am trying to draw this photo for fun. I am a trained artist from Minnesota and I like this photo you did. I have one problem. I would like to draw your hands and the image is really blurry. Could you send me the digital copy. I won’t reproduce it I just want to use if for my own purposes. Would that be ok? Virginia Ferlet I can be emailed at Thank you for at least considering it. Vee

    1. Hello Vee,

      How exciting! The blurred hands are an intentional part of the image. I would suggest having someone mock the hand positioning for you so that you can photograph it and work from that. I’d love to see it when you are done. Drop me a line.


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