The Great Lawn, Villa Montalvo

30 July 2012

buttermilk fried chicken

corn on the cob

coleslaw with purslane from the garden

sungold and Juliet tomatoes from the garden

pickled beets from the garden

tomatillo salsa and hot sauce

Special thanks to my fellow fellows (and their families, collaborators) for making last night’s picnic so ridiculously fun: Stephanie Syjuco, Michael Arcega, Stephanie Young, Matt Driggs, Janet Owen, Kris Tiner, Stephane Thidet, Robert Gero, Diego Mellado, Nancy Popp and Sally Ashton

It got dark.


A project proposal for artHERE Silicon Valley

What they’re eating in paradise…

27 July 2012

poached chicken with fish sauce vinaigrette, scallions and sesame seeds

sticky rice

a pile of mint, watercress and baby arugula

blistered green beans and garden purslane with garlic, ginger, peanuts, crispy shallots and dried shrimp

avocado with cilantro

granita of Sally’s Santa Rosa plums and ginger

Special thanks to Sally Ashton for the gift of said plums


26 July 2012

a platter of ham with cornichon and yesterday’s pickles

raw kale salad with cucumbers, feta, red onion and roasted jimmy nardello peppers

baby leeks with mustard vinaigrette

potato, red pepper and beet green frittata

Acme olive bread

“Niki, I didn’t grow up on a ranch, I grew up in Mexico City. I don’t know how to make tortillas,” giggled Nely.

25 July 2012

chile rellenos

poblano peppers stuffed with cheeses and fried in egg batter with tomato and chile sauce

handmade tortillas

zucchini and carrot pickles, limes, radishes and hot sauce

black valentine beans

black quinoa

Special thanks to Nely for chile rellenos prowess, (Abuelita) Stephanie Young for pressing all the tortillas and Michael Arcega for kitchen assistance

Roused with essence

24 July 2012

cerignola olives with garlic, lemon and thyme

tomato and garlic rubbed toasts with anchovy and olive oil

fried zucchini with vinegar and mint

Eden’s lettuces

red pepper soup with yogurt and chives

“shortcake-style” peach cobbler with buckwheat biscuits, raspberries and whipped cream

Imaginary potluck

23 July 2012

halibut tartare with shiso, chives and a salad of cucumbers, radishes and shallots

romano beans and roasted peppers with hazelnuts and sage

farfalle con salsa di pomodoro crudo

farfalle dressed with raw tomato, olives, capers, garlic and basil from the garden

This is the place.

19 July 2012

roasted almonds with sage, radishes with cumin salt

cold cucumber and yogurt soup with nasturtium and anise hyssop oil

slow cooked salmon with cherry tomatoes from the garden, basil, corn, roasted figs and tiny buttermilk fried spring onions

strawberries, blackberries, golden raspberries and red raspberries eaten under the stars

Many, many thanks to Julie, Eden, Mary, Barbara, Nelly and Emma for making last night’s dinner for 30 a wild success

“This must be the place.” — The Talking Heads

19 July 2012

eggplant puree with tahini, sumac and pine nuts

garden beets and their greens with scallions, yogurt, lemon and garlic

Eden’s green beans and baby lima beans with tomato, basil and jalapeño

oily kale with black olives, cumin, cilantro and smoky paprika

handmade whole wheat crackers

poached eggs with sorrel, green bell peppers, red onions, Eden’s Costata Romanesco squash, squash blossoms and caraway

hot sauce on the table


Unassuming and outta sight

17 July 2012

burrata, dry salami, olives and radishes

Eden’s kale with garlic and hot pepper

roasted eggplant with cherry tomato vinaigrette, basil and mint

spaghetti with garlic, hot pepper, olive oil and parsley

Grana Padano on the table

Eden’s lettuces and kohlrabi with anchovy and lemon

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