Adobo mojo, part two (Don’t forget the fish sauce.)

“Grampa Water” for Ry

1. place three or four ice cubes in a small glass

2. add three fingers of bourbon whiskey

3. add one to three fingers of chilled tisane made from fresh mint leaves

a clandestine supper in the kitchen

ALL DAY ADOBO for Ry Rocklen

29 June 2o12

iced lemon verbena and mint tisane

the non-purist chicken adobo

chicken cooked in coconut milk, soy sauce and vinegar with garlic and black peppercorns

tofu with shitake mushrooms, zucchini and ginger with soy, oyster and black bean sauce

jasmine rice

garden beet greens and Eden’s kale with garlic and hot pepper

roasted padrone peppers with crunchy salt

assorted store-bought frozen fruit bars


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