Adobo mojo, part two (Don’t forget the fish sauce.)

“Grampa Water” for Ry

1. place three or four ice cubes in a small glass

2. add three fingers of bourbon whiskey

3. add one to three fingers of chilled tisane made from fresh mint leaves

a clandestine supper in the kitchen

ALL DAY ADOBO for Ry Rocklen

29 June 2o12

iced lemon verbena and mint tisane

the non-purist chicken adobo

chicken cooked in coconut milk, soy sauce and vinegar with garlic and black peppercorns

tofu with shitake mushrooms, zucchini and ginger with soy, oyster and black bean sauce

jasmine rice

garden beet greens and Eden’s kale with garlic and hot pepper

roasted padrone peppers with crunchy salt

assorted store-bought frozen fruit bars


My muse, the fire.

28 June 2012

pizza party!

the toppings: tomato sauce, red onion, mozzarella, provolone, sheep’s milk ricotta, spring onion, roasted potato slices, zucchini, squash blossoms, marjoram, lemon thyme, savory, red veined sorrel, capers, anchovies, eggs, chili oil, sorrel pesto, Parmigiano Reggiano, lemon

Eden’s lettuces with buttermilk vinaigrette

Special thanks to Kelsie Kerr for kitchen assistance

The kitchen soundtrack: the album “Piece of Mind” by Iron Maiden

potato pizza with sorrel pesto, feta and lemon

Ry Rocklen makes a beautiful pizza on the first try.

Ode to the afterglow

27 June 2012

roasted figs wrapped in prosciutto with red wine and fig syrup

sheep’s milk ricotta with olive oil and black pepper

beets from the garden with walnuts and sage

shaved zucchini and cucumber salad with torn squash blossoms, purslane, ginger and anise hyssop

thick levain toasts with anchovy, garlic, savory and lemon thyme

Special thanks to Kelsie Kerr for kitchen assistance

Soup and crackers

26 June 2012

hutterite bean minestrone with garden sorrel pesto, orzo and Eden’s English peas

handmade whole wheat semolina crackers

Eden’s arugula

strawberries and apricots

Special thanks to Kelsie Kerr for kitchen assistance and delicious rosé

“I believe it was John Cage who once told me, ‘When you start working, everybody is in your studio- the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas- all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then, if you’re lucky, even you leave.'” — Philip Guston

25 June 2012

creamy red lentil soup with sorrel, cabbage, coconut and fenugreek with yogurt

grilled sardines with basmati rice and a salad of cucumbers, jalapeño, spring onions and mint

roasted cauliflower with cilantro, Indian spices and currants

apricots and strawberries

MEMO: 8PM “Tired Chef Buffet” in the commons

“Embellished leftovers and a few new things lain out for supper in the commons at 8pm – giving you time to hang out, drink and nibble with Amy et all creekside…




22 June 2012

chilled beet and buttermilk soup with yogurt and chives

poached eggs with peppers, onions, kale and piquin chile oil

wood oven roasted pork with parsley, capers and garlic rubbed toasts

Boston baked tepary beans

little turnips with Eden’s snap and English peas

Eden’s lettuces

“I drew on your soup.” — Niki Ford

21 June 2012

walnuts and almonds with rosemary and sage, marinated Niçoise olives

chilled beet and buttermilk soup with yogurt and garden chives

wood oven roasted pork loin with parsley, capers and lemon

Eden’s kale with garlic, anchovy and lemon

peppers and onions stewed with garlic and savory

Eden’s lettuces

olive oil Sauternes cake with aprium cream and sliced peaches in star anise syrup

Special thanks to Eden, Nelly, Julie, Mary and Hilda for making last night’s “fancy dinner” a huge success

Fried fish for Mamoru

A fish fry for Mamoru Okuno

20 June 2012

Companion Bakery rye bread with butter, radishes and fleur de sel

buttermilk fried ling cod

Boston baked tepary beans

cole slaw

assorted store-bought frozen fruit bars

File under “too good”

19 June 2012

charcoal grilled rack of lamb and blade chops marinated in green garlic, coriander, lemon and bay

grilled spring onions and gypsy peppers, lemon wedges

hutterite beans with tomato, garlic and rosemary

raw kale caesar with lavash croutons and Parmigiano Reggiano

For my next trick

Last night I experimented with the making of a lemon verbena and rosewater gelee.

I was so adamant about a soft texture that, laughably, I did not add enough gelatin for the darn thing to set up.  However, when I allowed myself to taste my failure out of context, I found myself with a pleasingly voluptuous elixir that need not go to waste.

After the pasta, we passed the blackberries and raspberries around the table — each of us spooning some into our chilled bowls of “lemon verbena broth”.

18 June 2012

spicy carrot and garden herb salads with beets, radishes and a farm egg

whole wheat spaghetti with bitter greens, pecorino and sheep’s milk ricotta

blackberries and raspberries in chilled lemon verbena broth

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