Narrative for the mouth

30 May 2012

red lentils with fenugreek leaves and cumin

Eden’s artichokes, snap peas, snow peas, beet greens and kale in ginger and mint broth

saffron basmati rice

yogurt with black mustard seeds, jalapeño and cilantro

Eden’s beets


“Obviously a garden is not the wilderness but an assembly of shapes, most of them living, that owes some share of its composition, it’s appearance, to human design and effort, human conventions and convenience, and the human pursuit of that elusive, indefinable harmony that we call beauty.” — W.S. Merwin

29 May 2012

cornmeal bread and butter

heirloom bean, sweet potato and zucchini chili with cilantro, sour cream, spring onions and hot sauce

rapini with garlic and hot pepper

Eden’s lettuces


Adobo mojo

28 May 2012

the non-purist chicken adobo

Filipino style chicken cooked with coconut milk, rice vinegar, soy sauce and green garlic

braised tofu with black beans, oyster sauce and shitake mushrooms

jasmine rice

Eden’s lettuces

store-bought coconut, mango and tropical fruit ice bars

Drawing in the garden

Beans for Beth

A bean lunch for Beth Custer

25 May 2012

devilled eggs with capers, lovage, dill and smoky paprika

fagioli all’uccelletto

cannellini beans cooked in the style of little birds (with garlic, tomato and sage)

garlic rubbed toasts, breadcrumbs

green beans with onion, pine nuts and basil

dandelion greens with lemon and oil

Eden’s lettuces with shallot vinaigrette

cornmeal olive oil cake with yogurt whipped cream and blueberries

Everything from the wood oven with Mona, Peggy and Jessie

24 May 2012

lamb loin chops, riblets, shank and shoulder from the wood oven with fresh favas and ancho cilantro sauce

handmade scallion pita breads baked on the oven floor

wood oven roasted cauliflower with pine nuts, currants and marjoram

yogurt, lemons and stewed green garlic puree

arugula with cucumbers and mint

*Special thanks to Mona Talbott, Peggy Talbott and Jessica Washburn for rolling up their sleeves and making magic

To the cucumber, I raise my glass.

23 May 2012

salmon tartare cups with avocado, cucumbers, basil and scallions

grilled artichokes, patty pan squash and zucchini with artichoke broth and buckwheat polenta

Eden’s arugula

Amy’s ricotta with hazelnuts, strawberries and chestnut honey

From the Santa Cruz market

From the garden

A literary luncheon with Jessica Theroux and Alice LaPlante

This menu was based on recipes from Jessica’s inspired tome, Cooking with Italian Grandmothers.

19 May 2012

first course, family style:

Eden’s lettuces, Spring vegetable bagna cauda

asparagus, snap and snow peas, radishes and carrot ribbons with warm anchovy green garlic sauce

second course, family style:

saffron rice pie with spiced tomato jam, poached chicken and roasted leeks with olives, egg and watercress from the garden, spinach sautéed with green garlic and hot pepper, lemon wedges

strawberries soaked in red wine with whipped cream

Eden in the kitchen

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