Eating Glass

punctus contra punctum

point against point

a dinner inspired by the work of Philip Glass

I recently read the phrase “aural tapestry” in an article describing the compositions of Philip Glass.  I like the implications of the word tapestry, as it simultaneously references the object and a process of construction.  I am reminded of the way that, when writing a menu, the elements of a meal announce themselves to me over time; every aspect of the menu seeming to weave itself from a tiny invitation into the whole.

As the ear and the mouth live so close to one another, it has been a compelling process to translate the abstract narratives that I sensed in the music to the plate.  Fragments of my listening notes appear with each course below.

Niki Ford, Montalvo Arts Center Culinary Fellow

18 April 2012

asparagus spears with hazelnuts, shallots and the little leaves and flowers of Spring

the resonant energy of repetition, simultaneous births and deaths

roast pork loin with green garlic spoon bread, wild nettles and baby turnips

mystery, the psychic fertility of the imagination, illusions, desire

buttermilk ice cream with strawberries and candied rose petals

structure, perception, harmony


2 thoughts on “Eating Glass

  1. I especially liked your association to the asparagus spears. When I read that I instantly had an image and a sensation. My own thought about it is, small to large, large to small. The meal to the revolution of life—and that to the meal.
    Thanks you for sharing your vibrant photographs and your personal associations.

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