Coming of Age in the Kitchen

I love that I was written about on the PBS website — a dream come true!

However, I would like to point out that when I was talking about the chickpeas and potatoes in the soup, I was also using that as a moment to talk about learning from my friend and mentor, Mona Talbott.  Unfortunately, that part did not make it to print.

Her book, Zuppe, is an absolute treasure.

Here is a link to Zuppe:

12 April 2012

olive toasts with mozzarella

fusilli alla puttanesca

pasta with a spicy sauce of anchovy, tomato, capers and garlic

chicken cutlets with sesame seeds

Eden’s lettuces

Amy Adler’s brownies packed with chunks of dark chocolate, Andes mints and cacao nibs

a little glass of Amaro Nonino


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