A sneak peek at tomorrow

This morning, I went out into the garden and planted the tiny dill starts between the newly sprouting chives and the medicinal herbs.

And now, a row of baby marigolds are cozy in bed with the cherry tomatoes, yarrow and something that I believe is Hawaiian in origin and related to the tomatillo plant.

What this has to do with tomorrow’s event, I’m not sure…


But, even in a whirlwind of activity, it’s still important for me to feed myself first.

And for me, that meant putting on my flowered mud boots and getting into the soil.

Even though the Mammoth Melting peas dined with the dead and seemed to like it that way, they’ve toughened up and squeezed out sudden green curls of leaves,

elegant and fresh.

A peek at tomorrow’s menu:


2 thoughts on “A sneak peek at tomorrow

  1. Hi Niki, never saw a yellow slug. Good to follow the garden in your blog and all the dangers and care that has to be done. Just curious, how are the red beets?

    1. Wapke,

      The beets are doing great, making lots of new leaves and the little ones are looking very good, too. I’ll take a picture for you.

      It was raining very hard last night, and I found myself lying in bed worrying about the little dill and chives plants… I hope they weren’t too frightened!

      The yellow slug, called the banana slug, is common to this area. xx

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