Chain reaction

This meal was inspired by the Honduran red bean soup that my kitchen assistant, Loida Lobo, made last month.

In this instance, a pot of  baby lima beans was pureed, the pureed beans led way to a delicious soup and the soup stood up and begged me for the eggs — just like the ones that Loida poached in her pot of creamy, red beans.  In my version, the eggs are poached separately and warm bowls are filled with chopped, blanched beet greens before the soup is ladled in.

I made a chile oil by pureeing New Mexican chiles that had steeped in boiling water.  The blended chilies were then mixed good olive oil and a small amount of garlic that had been pounded to a paste.

5 April 2012

creamy lima bean soup with beet greens, poached eggs, New Mexican chile oil and lime

cornbread and butter

asparagus and beets with Eden’s micro greens

Artist Robin Lasser eats a bowl of soup.

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