A giant sandwich for my village

At the Montalvo Arts Center, the Culinary Fellow is the only artist in residence with a year long stay.  What this means is that I enjoy the privilege (and even the wistfulness) of meeting, being charmed and influenced by, and bidding goodbye to many fabulous, creative people on a regular basis.  And I will experience the richness of this cycle again and again, throughout the year, as I explore my own ideas around creativity, sustainability and the meaningful making and sharing of food.

Wapke and Iwan preparing non-alcoholic beverages at their cocktail bar

If anything, the sheer ridiculousness of serving a giant deli-style sandwich before a screening of the myvillages.org film, “The Pantry”, allowed me time and energy to enjoy last night’s party of 45 and a moment or two to commune with Antje, Thomas, Wapke and Iwan in a genuine way  in the hours leading up to their departure.

However, I should also point out that the muffaletta is a food from “my village” as it, too, is of Sicilian descent.

30 March 2012


salami, mortadella and olive salad sandwich with preserved peppers and  Eden’s greens



chocolate crinkle cookies, mixed nut biscotti and coconut macaroons

Very special thanks to Wapke, Antje, Thomas, Iwan, Steven and Thanh for cookie making, pepper slicing and for the pitting and chopping of all the olives, vegetables and herbs for the muffaletta’s olive salad

Wapke, Antje and Iwan roll chocolate crinkle cookies while Thomas sets up the projector for the viewing of their film, "The Pantry", in the adjoining room

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