“The cool new thing is to compromise.” — Wapke Feenstra

I asked Wapke to elaborate on this and her answer is below.


“Because, if you do not compromise, you have to exclude a lot of people and their ideas and their influence on you.  So, as an artist I learned that it’s good to compromise, to work together with people; to just step from your sure parts.  And the other one, to meet them where you meet them — it’s always a compromise — and that makes life actually rich and not that you get lost.

So, what I think at the moment:

We know a lot of things, you know.  It’s not about society that has things to know, it’s just more about sharing at the moment and about learning things and about compromising.

So that’s why it’s the new thing and it’s cool.”  — Wapke Feenstra

20 March 2012

antipasto of prosciutto, marinated castelvetrano olives and radishes

fried eggs with crispy leeks, chanterelles and Parmigiano Reggiano with asparagus and a garlic rubbed toast

first of the season strawberries

Special thanks to Thanh for kitchen assistance


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