Let’s eat that mean ol’ parsley plant for dinner…

Yesterday was the first major planting in the garden.  We worked with the Master Gardener, Edgar Lo, to strategize planting the starts, sewing seeds and discussing what I’d start in containers this week.

We sewed a whole bed of bloomsdale spinach and another bed of carrots and radishes.  We planted geraniums to line the stairs, Mammoth Melting peas, thyme, tarragon, peppermint, cilantro, sorrel, and watercress.  We also planted beet starts and four rows of beet seeds alongside them.

Genine Lentine, poet and passionate gardener, separated the clusters of flat chives in the garden and planted them in different places.  She also started some basil seeds in empty pots and doled out encouragement an excellent advice, as needed.  Often, Theresa Wong, composer and cellist, worked with Genine in the garden on various tasks — fitting, as they collaborate at Montalvo with sound and words.

Artist Wapke Feenstra was instrumental getting things going, providing direction to people in the early stages of our work.  She also planted most of the beets, herbs and helped me finish the spinach bed.

Carol Schulz, who’s son built the garden stairs with his friends, weeded, turned soil and planted the peas, utilizing the deer fence as a natural trellis.

My brother, Alex Ford, helped me sew spinach, carrots and radishes.  His girlfriend, Kristen Sivret, took photos and helped with the weeding, too.

Towards the end of the day, we made the decision to harvest the lone, bolting parsley plant and eat a salad of its leaves as a part of our falafel dinner.

8 March 2012

falafel with pita bread

pickled red onions, cabbage salad, chard and chard stems in tahini, coriander carrot puree and parsley salad

yogurt, tahini sauce, hot sauce and lemon wedges


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