Q: What’s wrong with this picture? A: Nothing.

Yesterday’s press luncheon was a wild success and I depended on many a lovely person to help bring my vision into being.

I was so caught up in my dual performances, kitchen and table, that I didn’t notice that the forks and knives had been set in reverse order until after I loaded my photographs onto the computer.

menu by Niki Ford

A bit embarrassed, I hesitated to post these photos, but then I realized that it didn’t really matter;  we had a wonderful time, I sincerely enjoyed myself and I felt very at home on my soap box, which felt more like my throne.

And I just loved the gorgeous, nude table — full of farmer’s market flowers and pappadum towers.

Ironically, as I prepped for the lunch earlier in the day, I spent a lot of time thinking about perfectionism and its downfalls.  I think that, in this meditation, I learned something of great value; I took nothing but the beauty of this day into my heart.  It made me wonder, on a deeper level, how much formal ideas around food and entertaining interfere with one’s desire to make and share food at home with pleasure and authenticity.

28 February 2012

Eden’s lettuces with garden mint

a Soul Food Farm egg fried by the farmer, Alexis, with spiced basmati rice, carrot and beet condiments, radicchio, pappadum and crispy onions

orange and cardamom granita made with our honey

Special thanks to Eden, Alexis, Julie, Kelly, Loida, Jensen, Leah, Diane and Angela


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