Bean supper

Escaping the anonymity of the professional kitchen, I sit at the table and eat with those I feed.  In a sidelong glance, I note the warmth of the wooden table, spoons rising and falling, a sea of white bowls, bean soup and the percussion of spoon to bowl, chatter, spoon to bowl, glass to table, chatter, spoon, spoon, bowl, spoon, bowl.

I have nothing to hide behind when I serve such a simple meal, but when it’s right, it isn’t about me at all.  I see that people laugh, linger, help themselves to more soup.

I wanted a place at this table and it saddens me that I still feel somewhere in between.  I let my exhaustion lure me, curiously, into the unfolding of this moment.

24 February 2012

bean, barley and greens soup

Parmigiano Reggiano on the table

levain and olive bread

Eden’s bitter lettuces and roasted cauliflower romanesco with caper vinaigrette

apples and clementines

Bobby Previte and Andrea Kleine, I will miss you so much!  Thank you for friendship, understanding and saying that you wanted to kidnap me at the dinner table last night.


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