“Oops, I forgot to make the carrots.” — Niki Ford

Last night, I wanted to make a “coming down” sort of meal for a group of people that have been competing against each other for the last three years.  At different times, teams Organograph, Greenmeme and Silent Running have used Montalvo residencies to work on their bids for the Climate Clock Initiative; the winning team’s project will be installed/implemented in the city of San Jose, blending art and technological data to illuminate the impact of climate change over the next one hundred years.

This week, the teams have been here for final presentations with the winning bid to be announced on Monday, February 27th.

With their comfort in mind, I planned a full-on meaty, double-starch, pudding filled extravaganza.

23 February 2012

chicken and ricotta meatballs in chanterelle gravy

garlic rubbed toasts

mashed potatoes

mixed lettuces

Maker’s Mark butterscotch pudding with whipped cream

Special thanks to Aki for chanterelles and Eden for kitchen assistance, positivity and sing-a-longs


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