Yesterday’s dessert served today, anew

I just knew that I wouldn’t regret it if I had a few poached pears lying around…

I decided to make a pomegranate and white wine granita with the poaching liquid by adding fresh pomegranate juice and a few long splashes of white wine to balance the syrupy, cooked flavors already present.  Then, I woke things up by adding the juice of a  couple meyer lemons from our garden.  Served with a few slices of poached pear and sesame cookies, the dessert was a hit.

I loved explaining the process of how the granita was made at the dinner table.  To aid in the slow, controlled formation of this fluffy, crunchy ice is always a pleasure for me; every few hours opening the freezer to scratch up the new layers of ice with a dinner fork.  What fun!

31 January 2012

fontina souffle with Eden’s lettuces and a little onion roasted in red wine

sprouting broccoli with hot pepper

Eden’s mustards boiled and dressed with olive oil and lemon

pomegranate and white wine granita with poached pear and sesame cookies


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