“The baby will always listen to its mother,”

I joked to the Croatian artists, Branka and Sandro, as they waited for more sheets of pasta.  Of course, I wasn’t talking about a human baby, I was talking about a delicate and slightly tacky dough that I needed to handle myself.

Not only are Branca and Sandro artists, they also adore food.  Translation: exactly the kind of people that you want to have make your pansotti.  They understood how to shape them with love and uniformity, so much so, that I hardly kept an eye on them.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with them in the kitchen during their short stay.    Stay tuned for a Balkan menu next week!

9 January 2012

piccolo antipasto

anchovy and garlic toasts with watermelon radish, cauliflower romanesco  and red onion pickles, egg and wild arugula

pansotti made with borage from the yard

triangular shaped, borage pasta ravioli stuffed with sheep’s milk ricotta and chard, garnished with borage flowers, nasturtium leaves and nasturtium flowers 

left over red wine granita with rosemary and hazelnut biscotti, tangerines


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