A meal built around wanting to pickle raisins

30 January 2012


basmati rice with saffron and dill

Eden’s lettuces

chard and scallions in yogurt, tahini, cilantro ginger sauce, sweet and sour pickled red cabbage  with raisins

a honey and white wine poached pear with pomegranate seeds


Round things for artists and composers

26 January 2012

butternut squash soup with thinly sliced celery hearts, celery leaves, olive oil and black pepper

chicken and ricotta meatballs poached in mushroom stock with chanterelles, butter and Parmigiano Reggiano

garlic rubbed toasts

roasted cabbage and brussel sprouts with red mustard, chard, pine nuts and raisins

pippin apples and Asian pears

The kitchen soundtrack: “Dancin’ In the Moonlight” by King Harvest and “Happy Jack” by The Who

Everyone wins

On a hunch, I carried my frustrations to the woods.  Made ready with my Opinel mushroom knife and an empty book bag, I set out to remind my body  of its desire for movement and, also, to pursue the chanterelles summoned by the rains.

As I walked amongst the trees, the animal inside me arched up to meet the fragrance and  subtle music of my surroundings. As if lulled by my own breath, a shift occurred and I began to see chanterelles everywhere.

Everywhere, orange!


25 January 2012

miso soup with homemade kombu and  dashi broth, tofu, scallions and kale

“bento box” on a plate:

butternut squash, chanterelle and scallion tempura with rice, handmade pickled ginger, sesame greens, omelette, mizuna and cabbage with spicy mayonnaise

pippin apples, mandarins and Asian pears

So much gratitude for Sasha Cole, who showed me how and where to find the chanterelles

a meal made vibrant with Eden's beautiful greens