The very, very green soup

photo by Jeremy Atherton Lin

The soup was made by sautéing onion until soft, then adding a lot of borage and spinach to the soup pot. I cranked up the heat and put a lid on the pot to let the greens wilt a little, taking care to stir them around from time to time. When the greens had collapsed a bit, I added the arugula and covered the pot again to let the greens continue to wilt. Then, I more-than-covered the greens with already boiling water from the “instant kettle”, added a large potato that had been halved and sliced into 1/2 inch pieces and simmered the whole lot until the potatoes were tender. After pureeing the soup extremely well, I added a bit of sugar to balance the intense bitterness of the greens, which were still pleasantly bitter come dinner time.

We each made “drawings” in our bowls of earthy soup with the tangy sheep’s milk yogurt. There were infinity symbols, animal faces and the cosmos, among others.


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